Meet the future of Pressurized Containment Solutions Lattice Pressure Vessel for Any Shape, Any Size, Any Pressure

Unparallel value creation with LPV.

  • Achieve lower CAPEX and OPEX.

    Reduce cost, enhance economic performance and operational excellence, unlock new value streams and revenue potentials with the most space-efficient tank solution on the market.

  • Fit-for-Purpose storage.

    A unique free-shape, free-size, independent tank solution perfectly suited for containing all your liquefied gas requisites according to code – no matter the volume, pressure, or space constraints.

  • Optimized for your business.

    Designed to maximize your assets’ value, secure optimal returns through increased efficiency, and de-risk operational and environmental exposure.

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A changing industry that will see new winners (and losers).

Few industries are more exposed toward rapidly occurring changes and risks than the global maritime industry. Ship real-estate, whether for storing fuel or transporting liquefied gases in bulk over distance, is directly affected by the design and ability of the containment system for holding as much as possible within its given configuration – this is the defining value generating feature of any ship’s performance, irrespective of whether it transports containers, vehicles, gas, bulk, or people.

A paradigm shift for storing your gas onboard.

Pressure vessels constitute a key technology for fulfilling a ship’s functioning, but ultimately demands space that could otherwise be used for revenue generating activities. LATTICE Pressure Vessels (LPV) change the game by switching space-inefficient cylindrical or spherical tanks with new space-optimal prismatic solutions, achieving increased volume carrying capacity anywhere between 20% to 100%.

Energy Infrastructure

Geared for the future.

Transportation and storage of pressurized gas permeates our industrial world and energy systems. New networks and assets, at sea and on land, for transporting, onloading and offloading are required for integrating gas supply chains for LNG and LPG, as well as new energy carriers such as ammonia and liquid hydrogen. And, not least, for facilitating the upcoming CCUS value chain. Storage solutions must be geared up and deployed at scale to meet the tremendous volumes required for the accelerating energy transition.

A flexible pressure vessel unlike any other.

New, multistage value chains for handling energy carriers and CO2 can be fully facilitated by LPVs. Whether bridging different pressure regimes, accommodating material requirements, or physical integration at site, the LPV ensures that your storage solution is optimally configured and fully compliant for your business operations.

Energy Infrastructure
New Energy & Decarbonization.

New Energy & Decarbonization.

A new reality that requires a new approach.

The world is reliant on implementing smart and cost-efficient storage solutions if we’re to succeed in quickly decarbonizing our energy system. For instance, we will require large-scale intermediate storage at sites of industrial emitters; space-efficient fuel tanks for enabling more green mobility; and tailored prismatic storage units for providing even greater efficiencies for intermodal gas supply. Inevitably pressure vessels will define our pathway for proliferating sustainable energy and achieving emission targets.

A pressure vessel that accommodates all liquefied gases.

LPVs are applicable for storing cryogenic fluids including LNG (liquid natural gas), LNH3 (liquid ammonia), LCO2 (liquid carbon dioxide) and LH2 (liquid hydrogen), in addition to other various liquefied gas commodities. This is a true cross-industrial tank solution that delivers client value across industrial boundaries and market segments within the energy transition.

“This [Lattice Pressure Vessel] is the greatest
technological advancement in pressurized vessels
this industry has seen in decades’’

– SVP of one the largest container liners in Asia

The LPV: Reshaping Gas Containment

Explore Lattice Technology’s solution for emission compliance in the mobility sector. Our advanced Pressure Vessel optimizes industrial gas storage, improving workflow efficiency and safety. Contact us for a transformative approach to mobility solutions.

Approved by ASME, all major Classification Societies, US Coast Guard