A complete partner for Energy- and Cargo Containment Solutions

LATTICE is an Intellectual Property (IP) and technology company that designs, engineers, and develops containment solutions for storing gaseous fluids and accommodating current and future energy carriers. Our solutions are based on our proprietary patented pressure vessel technology, referred as the LATTICE Pressure Vessel (LPV) – all rights held solely by our company. Our business model is based on a licensing fee for which LATTICE (the licensor) grants rights of usage for its technology to customer (the licensee).

LPV Technology: Empowering Industries

LPV tanks are applicable to multiple applications, including storing cryogenic gases / fluids such as LNG (liquid natural gas), LNH3 (liquid ammonia), LCO2 (liquid carbon dioxide) and LH2 (liquid hydrogen). This is a cross-industrial solution relevant to key segments within the ongoing energy transition such as transportation and mobility, energy infrastructure, industrial decarbonization and renewable energy generation, to name a few.

We work in various verticals and across multiple market sectors to serve clients everywhere. Our key focus for the company is serving the global maritime industry with flexible, large-scale, and cost-effective containment solutions for cargo freight and fuel systems. The company is located both in Norway and Korea, with its headquarters just outside Oslo.

How we work with clients and the services we render

LATTICE realizes LPV solutions for its clients through defined stages. Scope of work (SOW), responsibilities, deliverables and related documentation executed for each stage can vary but may be adjusted to customer requirements.

Typically, LATTICE will execute the following sequence of processes with its clients:

  • Conceptual design

    Equivalent feasibility study / pre-FEED level effort set to establish basic parameters and attractiveness of LPV in given client project

  • Basic Design & Engineering (BD&E)

    Equivalent FEED level effort, paid engagement providing main parameters and accurate design

  • Licensing Agreement

    Negotiation of key terms and conditions (T&Cs) and formulation of comprehensive contract for client licensing LPV technology

  • Detailed Design & Engineering (DD&E)

    Execution of final / approved for fabrication drawings for manufacturing LPV solution for the client.

Project Assessment

Ascertain value and relevance for client’s project

LATTICE works closely with clients (and their designated partners) to uncover the techno-economic advantages derived from integrating LPV in their projects. Key for the joint approach is identifying, quantifying, and maximizing the comparative monetary impact generated by the LPV as opposed to technology that would be used otherwise. This serves as the basis for our licensing structure and fee.

Board Members

The Board of LATTICE International AS consists of individuals with broad international experience and worldclass expertise. With its unique composition of leaders within academia, business, and various fields of industry, it is committed to delivering cutting edge solutions for the global energy- and transportation industry.

  • Pål G. Bergan

    Chairman, Founder

    Pål G. Bergan is co-founder of LATTICE Technology. After his Ph.D. in computational mechanics from University of California, Berkeley, Pål served as professor of structural mechanics at NTNU for 15 years followed by research director and senior vice president in DNV-GL with responsibilities for strategic research, innovation and research coordination covering a very wide range technologies and industrial applications.

  • Daejun Chang

    Founder, Board member

    Daejun Chang is co-founder of LATTICE Technology. After his Ph.D. in chemical engineering from KAIST, Daejun joined Hyundai Heavy Industries as a leader of development projects, a researcher for ocean system engineering and an engineer participating in commercial projects. Daejun has been working as a professor in KAIST since 2013.

  • Tor Andenæs

    Board member

    Tor Andenæs is one of the founding shareholders of the Norwegian real estate company Tor Andenaes AS/Avantor AS and Sunbelt Holdings in the US. Tor brings over 45 years of experience covering all aspects of international real estate and business enterprises. Tor is the Chair of the companies in the AS Tanja/ Andenæsgruppen sphere, and for Sunbelt Holdings. Tor holds an MA in Civil Engineering from The Norwegian Institute of Technology.

  • Keunoh Park

    General Manager of LATTICE Technology Co. Ltd.

    Keunoh Park is the CEO of LATTICE Technology Co. Ltd responsible for overall management of the company including sales, design, finance and administration.

    He received his BA for Engines and an MA in Electronics at the Korea Maritime University. Prior to joining LATTICE Technology Keunoh has had a distinguished career with Hanjin Shipping Company, Halla Shipyard, Hyundai IT, Korea Ship Managers Co Ltd, Zhejiang Eastern Shipyard and Logship.

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