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Accelerating the Maritime industry Efficiently toward net zero

Maritime Transport Efficiency:Fuel & Cargo Systems

Whether for storing fuel for ship propulsion or transporting bulk quantities of cryogenic liquids with minimal loss on the way, the key determinant for your operations is ensuring that space onboard is utilized to the fullest. This entails either adopting the most compact containment system or maximizing the tank’s size within the available holding space. Whichever approach yields the most, our LPV solutions are designed to provide the most optimal tank configuration for increasing your ship’s value and revenue generating capacity.

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LPV Fuel Solution

LPV Fuel Solution

Optimized for the future

Do not compromise – every TEU or CEU matters! LPVs allow your fuel tanks to be integrated efficiently within your ship’s hull – utilizing available storage space so to maximize its range and revenue generating capacity. Whether it be LNG, NH3, or LH2 that is your preferred fuel, or dual-purpose solution for safeguarding a stepwise transition toward net zero, our LPV fuel tanks are tailored to fit your ship’s operating conditions and sustainability requirements – today, and tomorrow – without compromising economic performance.

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LPV Cargo Solution

Unlimited flexibility and scalability

When it comes to transporting cryogenic fluids or energy commodities, size matters. The unique pressure loading capability of the LPV combined with its inherent design flexibility ensures trade operators that the storage tanks are designed to their ships – and not vice-versa. Reducing costs, complexity and equipment required to serve multiple cylinder tanks at bulk capacity, LPVs can easily and effectively be scaled to meet equivalent volumetric capacity with a single or significantly fewer tanks – with great monetary impact for its owner.

Verifiably impactful

LPV Cargo Solution

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Navigating the Future:
Lattice’s Innovative Maritime Solutions

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    Free-shape, free-size, independent pressure vessels adaptable to any space 

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    Access untapped value streams and generate new revenues

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    Enhance operational excellence and cost performance for your entire fleet

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